At times I just feel so very detached, very distant form what I would call emotions.  At times I do become just too rude, realistic, cruel and maybe say pessimistic.

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End of a Year …

A year has passed by. A goddamn eventful year.

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What life is without seeing the world ? Nothing but a mere existence.

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Love. What is it ?

Just a feeling some say,

A big mess say the others.

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When loneliness strikes…

Pic credit: The Scribbled Stories

I am generally very chatty but at times it feels good to be left alone with a good novel and a coffee by a window on a wintry evening.


Random Ramblings

​Well, this might sound strange for a first post but I don’t know what to write. So I am gonna put everything that is on my mind in this post.

You might think that coders are anti-social code churning geeks. Well at least everyone I have met till now thinks so. One of them even had the nerve to ask me if I even had a social life.

But the truth is that we are anything but that. Yeah, we do write a lot of code but then that’s what we do for a living. But then doesn’t a banker count notes all day ? Doesn’t a writer spend a lot of his time alone in a room jotting down all his thoughts onto a piece of paper ?

We also have feelings. We also have a life. And we are really a lot more fun to be with than you can ever imagine.