End of a Year …

A year has passed by. A goddamn eventful year.

Full of a lot of firsts. First party. First visit to a cafeteria. First crush. First time feeling protective for someone special. First proposal. First rejection.

First time of saying fuck studies, fuck expert advice, fuck everything, let me follow my dreams.

Creativity was appreciated. Skills were appreciated.

A year of going from a coward, an introvert, to a full-fledged crusading extrovert.

A year of hiding behind books for the lack of socialization, to forcefully pulling shy friends out of their comfort zone and making them face the world.

A year of facing my own demons. A year full of daring adventures.

A year of making choices.

A year of facing the world on my own. A year of taking the control of my life in my own hands. A year of being fearless ( mind you, proposing your crush to be your girlfriend takes a lot of courage & fearlessness ).

A year of self-discovery. A year of loving myself for what I am. Realizing that I don’t need someone to love me, I am enough to love myself.

A year in which I found a true crime partner, a bunch of crazy retards with the same mental disease that I have, and a couple of well-wishers who never forget to check-up on me and cheer me up.

Wrapping up a year with a dream in mind, and a lot many valuable gems in my heart.



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