At times I just feel so very detached, very distant form what I would call emotions.  At times I do become just too rude, realistic, cruel and maybe say pessimistic.

I do think what the hell have my experiences done to me. I do lose hope sometimes way too quickly, and end up being extra miserable. Sometimes I end up hurting the people I care about. But then that’s who I am. Maybe I was wired to act that way. Inhuman, cold, and emotionless at the very time when I require these qualities the most.

Not everything need to have some logic, some reason, some significance behind it. Some things do happen the way they do for the greater good, in line with the great plan of God.

But hey, I forgot that I at times I do stop believing there’s a good. And to be honest, I really don’t think there’s one. But that doesn’t mean I do not acknowledge the existence of a greater invisible force that’s way beyond our understanding.

Can it be that we are just some animated characters living in an endless movie playing in some big theatre?  I don’t know. But if it’s so then creator would have been one hell of a writer.

Signing off this is the fool of an overthinker, TheCrazyCoder 🙂


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